The Alchemy Fellowship teaches a spiritual method of helping people transform themselves into the person they came here to become. Our purpose is to provide the teachings to help you overcome your limitations and dump your excess baggage (garbage) in order to:

  • Form more meaningful, loving and nurturing relationships

  • Accept the abundance the Divine intends for you

  • Heal yourself

  • Teach others how to do these things for themselves

  • Become the spiritual being you came here to become


The mission of the Alchemical Fellowship is to assist spiritual seekers in attaining the Philosopher's Stone. The Philosopher's Stone is a symbol of Personal Transformation. Spiritual seekers use the techniques of Spiritual Alchemy to change themselves into the persons they came here to become. These Alchemical techniques transmute negative personality traits (lead) into positive attributes (gold). Liabilities (lead) are recognized as such (copper), are then neutralized (silver) and turned into assets (gold) through the process of Spiritual Alchemy.

Here's the great secret of all spiritual growth: You can accept, forgive and love other people, everything else in the creation and the Divine only to the extent you are willing to accept, forgive and love yourself. To do this requires that you change your thinking about yourself and your behavior. Spiritual Alchemy is one tool you can use to transform yourself and become the person you came into the world to be. Your spiritual growth depends upon you becoming that person you came here to be.

Interesting Articles on Spiritual Alchemy

Important Commentary on the Emerald Tablet

Spiritual Alchemy 101 - an introduction to Spiritual Alchemy

Free Lessons to Get Started

Note: We recommend you get started with Spiritual Alchemy 101 right away and then start the free lassons when you feel you're ready. Please don't start anything until you feel you're ready.

It is our fondest hope you will embark on a spiritual journey to transform yourself into the person you are capable of becoming. We all benefit if you do. For whatsoever we do to improve ourselves in some small way improves all of humanity. That's a spiritual truth worth remembering.

We invite you to learn more about the Alchemical Fellowship and become a guest of the Octagon Society and download our free lessons. The decision to join the Octagon Society can be delayed until these introductory lessons are completed.

Spiritual Alchemy 101 - an introduction to Spiritual Alchemy

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What is Spiritual Alchemy?

Some Great Learning Resources

The Octagon Society is the entry-level work of the Alchemical Fellowship. Both the Order and the Society are affiliated with the Universal Gnostic Fellowship. Several other spiritual organizations are also Universal Gnostic Fellowship affiliates. We invite you to explore all of them.

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